Who are we

Founded in July 2011, TecQ is a web solutions company based in Mansoura, Egypt!
TecQ founded by a web entrepreneur whom experience expands over past 10+ years. With a creative, ambitious and experienced team, TecQ aims to create new technologies facilitate people's life worldwide through developing creative and local solutions for different niches, mostly concentrate on Mobile Applications and Web Solutions.

Whom we target

In TecQ we work more closely on our own network of websites and web solutions developed in-house and targeted towards end-users! We work for a small number of selected customers, we believe in B2C and quality B2B, NO bulk customers, cheap rates with useless stuff, only world class solutions! We put it simply to our customers, if you can't afford to pay for the quality you'll get, we may not the ideal solution for your business needs! But, when it comes to our end-users, we totally believe in useful and quality solutions for cheap or even FREE!

We totally believe in Usability, if the solution we deliver don't provide more than enough Stunning Usability, we simply don't act behind it! 2-3 Clicks Reach (NO Hassle) & Noob-Friendly (even a cat get it)!
With every website or solution we provide we make sure it adds up something to the end-user, we believe that success comes from end-users gains, in particular, value they get out of our solutions!
Unless we believe in it, we don't do it!

Social Responsibility

We believe in humanity and committed towards all people worldwide to build a better world, yet supporting Egypt in particular! Hence after Egypt's #Jan25 revolution and starting the build of Egypt 2.0, we totally believe in Egyptian youth and their ability, totally committed towards supporting all start-ups in Egypt.